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  YPhenomenon is a series experimental sound project. There are thousands of sound sources collect and record in Yamaguchi city when
the author stay there for six month, 2008. It is a series of experiments in various forms - sound, audio-visual installations and audio-visual
__ YPhenomenon #2 [Quad. ver.2] audio-visual installation | 2011  
  © CHANG Yung-Ta    

Living in a world full of reproductions and representations, Chang Yung-Ta thinks people have become too accustomed to believing in the authenticity of everything they see
and hear, and the original version of these images and sounds seems to be no longer important. Our everyday lives are filled with all kinds of sounds: noise, ambient sounds,
people speaking and other sounds, and Chang records them all, not to create musique concrete or ambient soundscapes, but rather to experiment with ambient sounds and
explore the possibilities of noise reproduction.

Y Phenomenon is a series of sound-art pieces. The “Y” stands for the city of Yamaguchi in Japan. While the sound artist Chang Yung-Ta was participating in an internship at
the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, he collected the sounds of Japanese life, such as those from nature, those made by people, and traffic and television program
sounds. Chang then granulated and rearranged the sounds using digital modulation techniques making each segment of sound into a tiny granule, which travels through the
exhibition venue. With the new 2011 version of quadraphonic sounds and semicircular images, the viewer can experience the change in sound and visuals in space.
  materials   5 42' HDTV, computers, 4ch sound system
  dimensions   dimensions variable
  date | place

  JAN 1 - FEB 19, 2012
AUG 13 - SEP 11, 2011
Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, TW
Digital Art Center, Taipei, TW
__ YPhenomenon #1-3 [Quad. ver.1] audio-visual installation | 2010  
  © CHANG Yung-Ta    
  materials   5 DLP projectors, computers, 4ch sound system
  dimensions   dimensions variable
  date | place
  OCT 12 - NOV 28, 2010 Guangdong Museum of Art, GuangZhou, CN
__ YPhenomenon #1-3 [360°] audio-visual installation | 2009  
  © CHANG Yung-Ta    
  materials   12 DLP projectors, computers, 4ch sound system
  dimensions   dimensions variable
  date | place
  AUG 8 - OCT 18, 2009 National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Tai-Chung, TW

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